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Gym Rules

The following set of rules is meant to create a fun, safe, professional, and focused Brazilian Jiu Jitsu environment.  Please take the time to read this set of rules and ask any clarifying questions you may have.  Any updates to this document will be announced publicly for review. 

Gym etiquette

  • No grappling off of the mat space 
  • No horseplay allowed
  • No foul language.  We are family friendly environment
  • Please minimize off-mat conversation during instruction 
  • Everyone must be treated with courtesy and respect 
  • Changing must be done in a changing room or restroom 


Mat rules

  • Always bow when coming off and on the mats. This is a sign of respect to our training space 
  • Be on the mats and ready to line up prior to the start of class
  • Line up at the beginning and end of class in order of rank. 
  • Do not “surprise attack” fellow students to roll.  Always make sure your training partner is ready for training. 
  • Communicate any injuries or mitigating training factors to your coach prior to class
  • Engage in all warm up and drills to the best of your ability, unless you have communicated a limiting factor to your coach. 
  • No side conversations during the instruction period 
  • No food or drinks on the mats.
  • The following techniques are prohibited from the corresponding belt ranks while rolling.  We may review these techniques in class, but please do not perform during live rolls. 
    • White Belts: Jumping guard, flying attacks, heal hooks, kani basami, wrist locks, bicep/calf slicers, slamming
    • Blue belts: Jumping guard, flying attacks, kani basami 


Hygiene & Uniform 

  • Always wear a clean uniform, with no holes or tears. 
  • Uniforms must not have any offensive language or imagery 
  • A rash guard or t-shirt must be worn in no gi, and under your gi uniform 
  • Finger and toenails must be clipped short
  • No jewelry, watches, etc…  can be worn on the mats.  If it's hard, take it off 
  • Shoes must be worn off the mats 
  • No shoes on the mats 
  • No training while sick 
  • Please bring any skin rashes to the instructor's attention 
  • Offensive tattoos are not to be displayed at any time
  • Everyone is responsible for cleaning the mats at the end of class


  • You must have permission to compete under the Deep Blue Brazilan Jiu Jitsu name.
  • Competitors must review and accept the competition code of conduct.  Failure to follow competition guidelines may prohibit future competitions under the Deep Blue banner. 
  • Competitors must wear Deep Blue Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Lucas Lepri patched uniforms while competing under our team name
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