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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we come across.  Did we miss something? Send us a message and we'll get right back to you! 

Membership Questions

Should I start with the BJJ 101 membership or jump right into BJJ 201? 

Great question! The biggest difference between 101 and 201 is that we do not do live rolling in our 101 level classes.  This gives students time to learn techniques and get comfortable on the mat before engaging in sparring.  With a trial membership, you can come check out all of our classes so you can see the difference and gauge your comfort level. 

Can I place memberships on hold? 

Yes! You can cancel or freeze your membership anytime.  If you plan on returning, freeze your membership.  This will prorate your first payment when you return. 

I'm a parent looking for a martial art for my kids

You came to the right place. There are more parent specific FAQs at our Parents Corner.  We offer 3 kids programs by age group, in addition to a homeschool kids club during the day. 

Uniform Questions

Do I need a gi? 

If you plan on attending our gi classes (some people only train no gi), then you will need a gi.  We have Deep Blue gi's for sale at the gym.  You can purchase them at our online store

Can I wear other gi's? 

Of course! Have fun with it. Our primary uniform requirements are to have good hygiene and remember that we are a family-friendly gym. You can find relatively cheap gi's at Amazon. There are premium, branded gi's you may be interested down the road. If you plan to compete, represent the team! 

Do I need protective gear? 

Protective gear is not required. Mouth pieces are recommended and sports straps are common.  A popular mouth piece is the Sisu, due to how thin it is. A popular sports strap brand is Shock Doctor. There are many other options, these are just solid recommendations to get you started. 

Physicality questions

Do I need to be in good shape first? 

Nope! Jiu Jitsu is a unique sport.  The only thing you can do to get in shape for Jiu Jitsu is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

I have a bad (insert body part; back, knees, shoulder), can I still train? 

Yes! Jiu Jitsu can be trained safely around some physical limitations.  You will need to have the discipline to manage your intensity. If you have an actual injury please consult a physical therapist. 

Do we compete? 

There are a lot of great competition opportunities in Jiu Jitsu if you are interested in competing.  Competing is not necessary though.  You can train, progress, and have lots of fun without ever competing. 

Have more questions?

Please send us a message.  We are looking forward to starting your Jiu Jitsu journey. 

7-Day Free Trial

7-Day Free Trial

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