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Deep Blue BJJ Curriculum

The key to creating a clear path from novice to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mastery is an organized and concise curriculum plan that welcomes people and builds them up.  Through years of coaching and constant curriculum design, we have established a path for students that has proven results. Anyone can come to the mats and develop a high level of technical skill, while having fun and constantly finding new ways to enjoy the art of Jiu Jitsu. 

The biggest hurdle in BJJ curriculum design is the large variance in experience and skill level in every class. How do you take a room with week one students and year 10 students, and still offer every student something to develop their game? 

Our approach takes a macro view of program design.  We have designed multiple classes that all have different curriculum focuses, class structures, paces, and even learning modalities.  These classes not only provide a clear path for new students to follow, as they develop their skills over time, it also allows students to go to classes that meet their preferences in training activities, and focus on the curriculum that they need most. 

Our first goal in our program is to give new students in overview of Jiu Jitsu positions and goals, and get them comfortable on the mats. Our BJJ 101 program is a 14 week curriculum covering all the fundamental positions and attacks. In this class, there is no live rolling, which makes for an easy onboarding process for those who feel more comfortable getting involved in the sport slowly. The 101 class also has included an online classroom, where every technique has a written explanation and video. You can use this online resource to review the weeks lesson plans, or come back for reference later. 

Our 200 level classes all follow different curriculums.  201 is our core curriculum class, where we take a very deep dive into each position of Jiu Jitsu.  In fact, we take such a deep dive that it's encouraged to visit other classes so that you continue to see a variety of different topics in your training.  BJJ 250 is our no-gi curriculum, where we focus on a curriculum that lends well to the no-gi environment.  BJJ 290 is a class that is structured after the ecological approach to training.  Essentially, the game is the teacher. You will play every position, be tasked with specific goals, and be given specific constraints.  This allows the student to find their own solutions to problems and get lots of training work in at a high pace. 

This program overview can be taken literally.  You can start in 101, and progress through the classes as you feel comfortable.  Many students have a class preference, or they may go to a class because of the given curriculum that week.  This structure provides a plan, but with enough flexibility that the student has an opportunity to control their own progress, at a pace they feel comfortable with.  

We are fortunate to have a team of people from several grappling disciplines.  High level wrestlers, judokas, and Jiu Jitsu practitioners who all have a different perspective to bring to the room.  Through collaboration, support, and a love for grappling we come together to offer a well rounded training experience for everyone. 

The most important element of our training is a culture of mutual support.  We are all students of the game, with a mission to help prop each up other and share the knowledge and experience of an art we love so much. 

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7-Day Free Trial

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