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Competitors Code of Conduct

    When training under the Deep Blue BJJ banner, you are representing yourself, our team, and our philosophy towards representing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a martial art.  This code of conduct is meant to ensure our competition team has a uniform set of expectations to best represent our team values. If you have any questions, please ask for clarification.  Failure to follow these guidelines may prohibit your ability to compete under the Deep Blue banner in the future. 

  • You must get approval before competing under the Deep Blue BJJ name. 
  • Our competition affiliation will be under “Alliance Lucas Lepri” 
  • You must communicate any upcoming competitions to the head coaches prior to competing 
  • It is your responsibility to understand the organization's rule set.  You must perform within the rules of the competition. 
  • Respect must be shown to all competitors, referees, and judges at all times. 
  • Always bow onto the mats coming and going
  • Always bow towards and/or shake the hand of your opponent before and after a match 
  • Always recognize your opponent's coaching team 
  • After victory, do not boast on the mats.  This is disrespectful to your opponent 
  • After defeat, always thank your opponent and their team for making you better. 
  • If injured, you must communicate this to your coach, and we discourage you from competing 

    Team coaches will do their best to be present at competitions and help with competition preparation.  Given our professional schedules, it may not be possible to attend and coach at all competitions.  

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