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Naomi Black

Naomi Black photo Naomi Black
  • Blue Belt

I am happily married with a wonderful child, who also trains Jiu jitsu. When I’m not on the mats you can find me taking care of my family, gardening in my yard, lifting weights, or studying while I pursue my RN.

I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in June of 2019 under Ryan Stutz, Clint Crabtree, and Ben Van Doren of GRBJJ. I earned my blue in July of 2022 under Lucas Lepri.

Originally I started training BJJ as a personal challenge to become stronger physically and mentally. I have gained both of those and so much more since I took my first tentative steps onto the mats. I love the camaraderie that develops over the course of time spent learning and growing together, and the natural trust and caring that accompanies it. In addition to being a great workout BJJ encourages personal growth, and the drive to succeed in the face of failure. There is a powerful sense of accomplishment and confidence that comes from working hard, because it is the hard won victories that feed us the most.

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